Din & Kid Search performed with ‘Rockology Search: Kid’Din Collection Series

Din & Kid Search performed with ‘Rockology Search: Kid’Din Collection Series

FOR Search fans, this is definitely something to look forward to.

Guitarists Search, Noordin and Kid came up with the Rockology Search: Kid’Din Collection Series which contains 17 special items in one Rockobox.

The special Rockobox contains a twin CD featuring 22 ‘ remastered ‘ Search songs as well as a bonus track featuring Noordin’s guitar solo.

Also included is a 16-page lyric book, Authentic boxset certificate signed by Noordin and Kid complete with serial number, 16-page Search discography booklet, Search X Awie Apologia Concert Repertoire, Red bandana, t-shirt, desk calendar, poster, postcards and more.

Publisher and owner of Home Of Champions, Mozylir Mokhtaruddin said, the idea of ​​producing Rockology Search: Kid’Din Collection Series was inspired by Noordin when the situation of COVID-19 transmission in the country was in a worrying state.

“At that time, Search’s concert and performance was postponed and canceled due to the COVID-19 spread. After taking into account several factors, me, Noordin and Kid unanimously to produce a compilation of the best heavy songs and ballads selected by Noordin and Kid themselves.

“It is specially produced in the form of a boxset with 17 special items especially for Search fans,” he said.
Meanwhile, Noordin said, all the songs are from the Search album published by Go Search Sdn Bhd.

“In March 2020, Amy officially announced that she was retiring from Search to give other Search members a chance to continue the group’s activities.

“We did the remastering process of all these songs according to the correct procedure. After all, Kid and I have the right because today we are still members of Search, ”he said.

Noordin said he also plans to re-record Search songs in the future using the services of other singers and bass players.

Asked about the selection of these songs, Noordin said, they all feature the best sound and guitar playing techniques that he and Kid have ever recorded in Search albums.

“It was the best guitar recording of the two of us. It is in terms of technique, sound and guitar solo, ”he said.

Rockology Search: Kid’Din Collection Series was only released in 500 units and went on sale online starting November 17, 2021 with a price of RM299.

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