Digital licences: public upset over RTD portal’s repeated crashes

Digital licences: public upset over RTD portal’s repeated crashes

Frustrations mount as users attempt to access site to download digitised versions of road tax and driving licence

Frequent crashes of the Road Transport Department’s official portal have irked users, prompting calls for upgrade.

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysians are calling on the Transport Ministry to rectify and possibly upgrade the Road Transport Department’s (RTD) official portal which has been frequently down since this morning.

This comes in the wake of minister Anthony Loke’s announcement earlier today that Malaysians are encouraged to download the MyJPJ mobile app or go to the portal to obtain digital displays of their motor vehicle and driving licences.

Questions are being raised over the department’s preparedness to handle the volume of users who try to access the site to download the digital versions of the licences.

Loke said the move was part of the ministry’s efforts to digitise services offered by the RTD.

In line with this effort, several social media users called on the minister to upgrade the portal to cope with the anticipated increased number of users.

“Is RTD ready to cope?” asked a user, while another suggested that the RTD enhance the website and also add new features to make it more user-friendly.

Many have since taken to social media to vent their frustrations after repeated attempts to access the portal failed.

One Twitter user, @bsignificant said she had registered since 11.15am and was still waiting for the email with her temporary password.

Another user, @dini_khirudin said he had also been trying to access the portal since this morning but could not do so.

Several attempts by The Vibes to open the site showed its availability to be inconsistent, as it could be accessed successfully at times but could not at others.

Earlier today, Loke announced that private vehicle owners will no longer need to display their Malaysian vehicle licence, widely known as a “road tax” sticker, on their vehicles’ front windscreens, and also do not need to carry a physical copy of their driving licence.

He said the two will be made available in digital versions, called e-LKM and e-LMM, which can be downloaded through the department’s public portal or the MyJPJ mobile application.

Loke said in line with the initiative, the provisions under Section 20 of the Road Transport Act 1987 (Act 333), where “each vehicle registration licence must be affixed and displayed on the relevant vehicle”, will no longer be enforced for the category of owners under the first phase.
source – The Vibes

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