Diana Nasimuddin accepted Mas Khan’s proposal

Diana Nasimuddin accepted Mas Khan’s proposal

i”True LOVE is hard to find,” said actor Mas Khan’s beautiful words to the woman who just accepted his proposal, Diana Nasimuddin yesterday.

Through sending a piece of video on her Instagram, Mas Khan shared the moment of surprise that Diana made when she put on the ring that was given to him six months ago.

“A relationship must have its ups and downs but when too much is shared, disagreements, conflicts and so on, it strengthens the bond even more.

“We can’t have love without pain. But if that bond is strong enough to overcome all obstacles, then it’s worth fighting for.

“Surprise! Six months I waited when he opened the ring and today he surprised me.

“Forever I love and love you Diana Nasimuddin,” he wrote in the video.

Mas Khan added in his writing in the message: “Give time and space but never give up on the person who makes you happy. I love you ‘ex-lover’.”

Meanwhile, Diana also wrote a comment on the same post.

“Surprise! Alhamdulillah. One struggle, right? God willing, we will be stronger now, and I look forward to whatever for the days to come,” he wrote.

Last March, Mas Khan’s act of sharing his heart as if facing disappointment invited questions from netizens.

In fact, Mas Khan also deleted many photos and videos of proposing to Diana on his Instagram that were uploaded in December last year.

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