De’Xandra, Bella Astillah is sensitive to community mental health issues

De’Xandra, Bella Astillah is sensitive to community mental health issues

IN CONJUNCTION with the Grand Launching of De’Xandra Celebrity Collection, a popular local fragrance company also launched a Mental Health Awareness campaign themed ‘De’Xandra Heals The World’ in Kuala Lumpur, recently.

According to its Founder, Ernayanee Nur Julaimi, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign is the first of its kind.

“This campaign takes place throughout the year which is also supported by celebrities involved with De’Xandra, top management, strategic partners including stockists, distributors and dropshippers located in the country, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei.

“The purpose of this campaign is to express our stance and support as well as our efforts in helping to give more awareness to various parties about the deteriorating mental health situation.

“Previously, most of De’Xandra’s CSR programs, which were the annual agenda, were more focused on welfare, disaster management, personality development and the economy.

“However, in this campaign, we raised the issue of mental health due to the significant increase in suicide cases in the country and even globally,” she said.

He said this after launching the ceremony which was also attended by the Melaka State Health and Anti -Drug EXCO, Dr. Mohammad Akmal Salleh, Organizational Development and Leadership Specialist, Annems Leadership Solution, Datuk Faridah Hanim Haron and Asri Ahmad Academy shareholder, Datuk Haji Mohd Asri Hj Ahmad.

Not to be missed, Zahra Megaclinic Group Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Mohd Nafidz Abdul Razak, De’Xandra Business Advisor, Sifu Jamal, fellow artists, fellow business founders, influencers and the media.

Ernayanee Nur added, in conjunction with the campaign, she launched a celebrity fragrance collection with the theme of friendship and love, the #DexandraHealsTheWorld hashtag campaign and a mental health awareness video screening through social media.

“As Asia’s preferred fragrance brand, we feel called to work together to raise awareness among the community and call for any effort to help those who are experiencing early mental health problems including depression, anxiety, depression and loss of self-confidence,” she said.

The specialty of this new fragrance is the appearance of popular artist, Bella Astillah who will surely further enliven this mental health campaign.

“The latest fragrance collection, the brainchild and collaboration of celebrity artist Bella Astillah and fashion designer Rico Rinaldi, known as the Celebrity Collection, is very special.

“Rico Rinaldi symbolizes the importance of the value of friendship while Bella Astillah’s fragrance, which appears red, is likened to the color of love in helping to inject new spirit to those in need, including those with early mental health problems.

“We believe that the value of friendship and love is the backbone in any situation because we need friends to support each other, love and affection. Therefore, through this celebrity collection, it conveys a clear and new message to perfume fans out there about the true value of friendship and love, ”she said.

Meanwhile, De’Xandra’s Chief Executive Officer, Safwan Ismail said, the two celebrities have collaborated and are also inspired by products that are considered more than just fragrances.

“We sit and discuss from heart to heart on many things, including aspects of their tastes, qualities and priorities not only in their careers but in their daily lives.

“They are also very impressed with the positive wave of the team in De’Xandra, so the latest collection that was launched was revealed. The collection is also De’Xandra’s initiative in diversifying options for loyal fragrance enthusiasts and celebrating new fans.

“Apart from giving opportunities to celebrity fans, they also have the opportunity to collect fragrance collections from favorite artists. Based on data and records, the presence of celebrities directly helps to raise the reputation of the brand which has a direct impact on the increase in sales, ”he said.

He added that apart from sharing the taste of fragrances, the choice of celebrities also plays a role in supporting efforts to promote products and provide motivation and encouragement to entrepreneurs. Especially got up and continued the post-pandemic business with De’Xandra.

“As a sign of continued support, before the launching ceremony, there were activities among distributors present from all over the country, including renewing marketing techniques and sales targets.

“De’Xandra always opens business opportunities to entrepreneurs who want to be with us. Based on the latest data and records, the company has produced 30,074 business entrepreneurs including distributors with an increase of 65 percent from 2020 to 2022.

“This means that during the pandemic period due to Covid-19, the number of sales representatives has increased because they have been given proper, efficient guidance and generated satisfactory sales through online businesses,” he said

source – wilayahku

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