Dewa 19 – a ‘birthday’ of longing liberation

Dewa 19 – a ‘birthday’ of longing liberation

KUALA LUMPUR: A location in Bukit Jalil, precisely at the Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur managed to gather around 18,000 souls and hearts in one wave.

Waves in the radar yearn to sing with their idol group, more precisely – their full group performing their songs in the name of the anniversary of togetherness.

The 19 gods have that power. The power to unite whether those who are proud to be called Baladewa and Baladewi or the rest just want to be known as fans of Ahmad Dhani’s works and his philosophy.

To the credit of any name, they have one goal to release their voices as loudly as possible on the basis of longing.

I miss because in 2019, this group was not complete singing together because their favorite maestro or sifu had to comply with the legal decision.

Then 36 songs were played on the first night, 9 September 2022 and 33 songs were played on 10 September in the list of songs that were changed by around 10 percent on the second night for the satisfaction of the listeners.

Both Virzha and Ello as a new face in the unification of the Dewa 19 name have greeted the hearts and eyes of Malaysian listeners.

Their appearance was well received performing the legendary songs of Dewa 19 from the earliest album.

Restoe Boemi, as usual, became the opening act of a much-awaited concert and even became the talk of the audience and also academics from various branches.

Ahmad Dhani with 19 Dewa warriors from the 1991 to 2007 group, namely Ari Lasso, Once, Tyo Nugros, Yuke Sampurna, Andra Ramadhan and Agung Yudha, indeed became the god of the heart of the historic night.

For many concertgoers that night, this is their complete moment with Dewa 19 who came in the Dewa 19 album formation, Future Format to the Five Star formation to the Kingdom of Love.

Coupled with two ‘handsome’ vocalists who don’t just rely on looks, every song is sung with full appreciation and feeling of the night.

In fact, on average, those who have participated in the Dewa 19 concert series in Malaysia feel that the concert presented by Icon Entertainment is the best Dewa 19 concert ever held in Malaysia.

From the point of view of the sound system, visuals to the selection of the repertoire, it is rightly attached to the hearts and minds of the audience and is still the subject of many conversations even though it has been a few days late, bringing moments and memories.

No one was ‘turned away from God’ that night because the average person who came was not just feeling a high level of love and enthusiasm for the group and the songs they produced.

Those who attended also came with their own moments of growing up with the songs of Dewa 19 and recalling old memories that may have been left in the subconscious.

When you fall in love with the song Cinta ‘kan Membawamu Kembali and Kangen, when you burn with jealousy with the song Jemburu, when your heart breaks with the song Larut, when you clap one hand with the song Pupus and even when you face the cruelty of the world with the song Hadapi Dengan Senyuman.

All covered in one night and the trip.

The old feels young and the young are increasingly recognizing that Dewa 19 before the arrival of Once, has a vocalist with a solid voice, namely Ari Lasso.

All of that not only creates new memories for the audience but also learning for those who are yet to get to know Dewa 19 and his existence.

A concert that comes with a complete package to pierce every soul and senses that see, Dewa 19 always has its own place in the hearts of Malaysian fans.

And that’s the magic of longing.

source – Opie Sofia

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