Developing a Muslim lifestyle app, Fazura wants to share the benefits to all Muslims

Developing a Muslim lifestyle app, Fazura wants to share the benefits to all Muslims

ACTRESS, singer and entrepreneur Nur Fazura explained that the launch of the Muslim lifestyle application, Mukmin Pro will benefit all users, especially all Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

Fazura said, the development of the application was done carefully as the content and features available can be complementary to the daily activities of users.

“I really like lifestyle applications like this. Like Mizz Nina, she has a Qalby app and I myself have helped promote it.

“Then it tickled in my heart, it would be nice if I myself have an application that can benefit everyone.

“So, when the Huzaifa app developer came to meet me and expressed a desire to collaborate, I became excited. I consider this a gift from God to me.

“Just as I praise the Mizz Nina application, I want this application to benefit everyone,” Fazura told Gempak when met at the launch of Mukmin Pro in the capital recently.

Touching on the features of the application, Faz said, among the interesting features that users should try is the feature that determines the direction of Qibla.

“We are often confused when we want to find the Qibla direction, especially when we want to pray outside.

“Some applications are not very accurate in showing the Qibla direction. However, through Mukmin Pro, the Qibla direction is guaranteed to be accurate.

“Besides that, features such as vibration function are also included to make it easier for people with disabilities to use this application,” he added.

In addition, the application that promises data security also comes with filtered video content as well as other facilities such as sacrificial worship and food infaq.

The Mukmin Pro app can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.

source – Gempak

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