Despite cancelled film release, GSC’s Thor promo a hit with netizens

Despite cancelled film release, GSC’s Thor promo a hit with netizens

Some praise effort put in to 46-second clip, while others vent frustration at pulled release

KUALA LUMPUR – Even though Disney has pulled Thor: Love and Thunder from Malaysia, Golden Screen Cinema’s (GSC) promo video for the movie released yesterday is not what you would expect.

Since it was posted at 6.08pm yesterday, the 46-second clip has received more than 134,000 views and no less than 1,200 shares (as of the time of writing).

It showed elaborate set-ups of Thor’s rainbow bridge – or Bifrost – which connects Asgard with Midgard, Love and Thunder lounge fixed with rainbow cocktail tables, as well as the movie merchandise, which is a passport holder.

The clip, which GSC named Thor: Love and Tunda (postponed), was released on its Facebook page with the caption: “The video was halfway done when it (the movie) was delayed and cancelled. It is a pity if we do not post it…”

By the end of the clip, viewers are surprised by the sudden appearance of three orangutans sitting on a red couch in what looks like a mock design of a television talk show set.

The video has received various reactions from netizens with some taking it as humour while others vented their frustrations.

Facebook user Kidd Keat applauded the video editor for putting in the effort to design the clip, but said it is a “shame we didn’t get the chance to watch this movie in the cinema”.

Another user Joesami Chow vented his frustration towards the Malaysian government, saying that Malaysia has gone backwards.

Meanwhile, Christine Katherine expressed her support for GSC.

On Thursday, GSC announced in a statement that Disney had decided not to proceed with a theatrical release of Thor: Love and Thunder in Malaysia.

Initially set for release on July 7, the title was postponed indefinitely despite advanced ticket sales and press screenings.

This is the second Disney movie to be pulled this year, after Lightyear.

source – The Vibes

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