Demesmin and Dover collaborate with Tortuga Music Festival for Pre-Party to Help Ocean Conservation Efforts

Demesmin and Dover collaborate with Tortuga Music Festival for Pre-Party to Help Ocean Conservation Efforts

Demesmin and Dover Law Firm to collaborate with Tortuga Music Festival and help host a pre-party that supports ocean conservation efforts.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Demesmin and Dover law firm, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, loves the area they live in. It is there and throughout Florida in which they handle cases related to car accidents, boating accidents, slip and falls, nursing home abuse, and more. Beyond helping individuals with their personal injury cases, they work towards building the community that surrounds them. Fort Lauderdale, where their office is located, is right by the ocean which needs help because of pollution. The firm is an avid advocate for cleaning our oceans and takes part in monthly beach cleanups. This collaboration for the pre-party is a great way to bring together the community for some great music and support the environment.

Ocean conservation has always been a big part of Tortuga music festival. The festival has no single use plastic, meaning straws, bottles, plates, cutlery, etc. and they favor sustainable locally sourced foods. The entire event is hosted on the beach with the ocean habitat in mind, with both the concert sound and lighting levels.

“Tortuga music festival is a staple event for this area. The fact that it is hosted by the water with ocean conservation efforts in mind is just fantastic.” says Jeremy Dover, a founding partner at Demesmin and Dover law firm. “We have always loved supporting exceptional events and helping the beautiful place we live in,” says Victor Demesmin Jr., another founding partner at Demesmin and Dover law firm.

This event brings together the community to support the place they live in while enjoying great music. The hope is that this will entice people to keep our beaches clean of pollution as well as reduce our carbon footprint.

“Tortuga has always attempted to make this event as eco and ocean friendly as possible.” says the sponsors of Tortuga music festival. “We are happy to be working with a personal injury law firm that truly cares about the community and environment.”

This collaboration reflects Demesmin and Dover’s ideal of We Care More. They display their love of the community and the place they live in, by being an active member in the community. Demesmin and Dover are excited to help host an event that is both fun and impactful for Fort Lauderdale, the place they call home.

About Tortuga Music Festival

Tortuga Music Festival will be hosted at Fort Lauderdale beach on April 8th, 9th, and 10th.

To purchase tickets check out

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