DBKL issued more than 1,500 compound notices for cigarette and vaping offenses until February

DBKL issued more than 1,500 compound notices for cigarette and vaping offenses until February

More than 1,500 compound notices were issued by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for the offense of smoking and vaping in public places around the capital from January to February this year.

Executive Director of DBKL Management, Khairul Anuar Md Juri said the compound notice was issued following the offense of smoking and vaping in prohibited areas such as public parks, restaurants, government buildings and covered walkways.

“Individuals including minors who are found to have committed the offense will be prosecuted under Regulation 11 (1), Tobacco Revenue Control Regulations (PPKHT) 2004 and will also be charged a compound fee of RM250 immediately.

“The compound was imposed by DBKL enforcement officers and health officers on duty. If they are not paid, they will be subject to follow-up action including court action,” he told reporters at a press conference after completing the Launch Ceremony of the Smoke-Free Kuala Lumpur Campaign (KLBAR) X MySchoolBus @Wilayah at Dataran DBKL on Monday.

Also present at the ceremony were the Deputy Chairman of the KLBAR Main Committee, P Chandrakant and the Senior Deputy Director of the Health and Environment Department of DBKL, Dr Nor Halizam Ismail.

According to Khairul Anuar, until now DBKL still enforces monitoring in places where smoking and vaping are prohibited, including in hotel areas and other areas.

“DBKL will always monitor from time to time and we also expect awareness and sensitivity from the whole community not to smoke in designated prohibited areas,” he explained.

Khairul said his party is also planning to find social media influencers to be used as smoke-free icons.

“We will try to find famous influencers on digital platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and so on to be used as ‘role models’ for the community.

“It is an additional alternative in an effort to raise public awareness about the dangers of smoking,” he said.

source – wilayahku


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