Danial Zaini is legally the husband of Yasmine

Danial Zaini is legally the husband of Yasmine

Danial Zaini is legally the husband of Yasmine, give a remittance of RM17,777.77

July 2, 2022 is a meaningful date for comedian Danial Zaini, 29, after legally becoming the husband of his choice Yasmine Umira Yahya, on Saturday morning.

Danial or his real name is Mohamad Danial Mohd Zaini, 29, who is also the country’s number one radio presenter, Era FM became the husband of Yasmine, 29, in a ceremonial and lively ceremony at Timorra Avenue, Kuantan, at exactly 10 o’clock morning.

Wearing a wedding dress by Amzar Atelier and a luxurious songket dress from Man Kajang, the couple was married by the bride’s biological father in the presence of nearly 100 guests present including family members, artist friends and close friends.

The Kuantan, Pahang -born girl received a dowry of RM22.50 and remittances amounting to RM17, 777.77 for a gold chain and a ring and received seven delivery trays in return for five trays from the groom.

The ceremony was also given a surprise with the launch of Danial Zaini’s latest song entitled “HATI” which was specially written by Danial himself.

Danial expressed his gratitude for the simplified affair after going through several tests during his engagement period.

“Honestly, this is a beautiful and highly anticipated experience. Many artist friends were shocked and did not think I was a husband today.

“We have faced various challenges during the engagement period, but Alhamdulillah we managed to face the challenges ahead.

“I am very touched by the support of those who are willing to make today’s ceremony very lively,” added the king that day.

The pair tied the knot on December 25, 2021, but decided to keep the matter a secret from the public in order to protect the privacy of Yasmine and her family.

source – Gempak

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