Dai Syed, Hana is legally husband and wife… Plan a honeymoon in Makkah

Dai Syed, Hana is legally husband and wife… Plan a honeymoon in Makkah

Independent preacher, Da’i Syed or real name Syed Shah Iqmal Syed Mohammad Shaiful, 27, happily married to lawyer, Hana Ismail, 36, at 11.43 this morning with a single word at Masjid Ibnu Mas’ud, Ampang, Selangor

The couple were married by the bride’s father, Ismail Dahwan, witnessed by the wedding planner, Ustaz Muhammad Hakimi Mustapai.

At the ceremony, Dai Syed handed over the dowry of a bracelet and the money was kept secret.

The marriage ceremony was attended by 100 guests consisting of family members and close friends.

According to Da’i Syed, Hana is a gift from God to him.

“Thank God, this is a gift from God by becoming Hana Ismail’s husband. This morning we were also able to be with the scholars who prayed for us.

“The date of the wedding has no meaning, it’s just accelerated because we don’t want the dating process to take too long, it’s only a month and a half.

“Why did I choose Hana, because I chose Hana. He has many privileges. Among them, his character is beautiful, his manners are beautiful and he likes to go to knowledge gatherings,” he said.

For the honeymoon, Hana admitted going to Sabah and then to Makkah with her husband.

“One month after that we will perform Umrah together and then visit the family of Walid (Da’I Syed’s father) in Egypt,” she said.

Earlier, Dai Syed got engaged to Hana on November 16 recently.
Dai Syed and Hana will be celebrated at a reception in Shah Alam, Selangor, tonight.

source – wilayahku


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