Cultivate the spirit of unity through the Semarak Uniti Keluarga Malaysia Program

Cultivate the spirit of unity through the Semarak Uniti Keluarga Malaysia Program

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of National Unity (KPN) continues its mission to instill a spirit of unity among the people by organizing the Malaysian Uniti Keluarga Bright Program at the Pension Parliament Level at the Nabawan Open House, Sabah.

The Minister of National Unity, Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique said that the program which lasted for two days from 17 to 18 September coincided as a platform to unite the multi-racial community in this country.

She explained that the program, which was organized for the first time in the State under the Wind, was themed “Malaysian Family Unity” based on the three pillars of the Malaysian Family, namely Inclusion, Togetherness and Gratitude.

“The organization of the program is to support Malaysian Family Aspirations, thus becoming an integration platform to build and fuel the spirit of unity among the community regardless of differences in race, ethnicity and religion.

“In addition, we also hope that more Semarak Uniti Keluarga Malaysia programs can be implemented throughout the country in the future,” he said in a statement on Sunday.

Various competitions, exhibitions and activities have been organized for the local community, including the Malaysian Family KAMI Rumah Exhibition which showcases the differences of Kadazan, Bajau, Brunei, Murut, Rungus, Chinese and Indian houses.

In addition, visitors can also try various traditional foods prepared by each Rumah KAMI during the exhibition.

At the ceremony, Halimah also launched the Work Agenda for Neighboring Neighborhood Communities (RT4ALL) in Kg. Karanaan, Sook, Sabah.

Also present were the Deputy Minister of Public Works and Pensiangan Member of Parliament, Datuk Arthur Joseph Kurup, the Minister of Community Development and People’s Welfare, Datuk Shahelmy Yahya, the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of National Unity, Kang Tong Hum and the Director General of the Department of National Unity and National Integration, Datuk Norison Ramli.

Commenting further, Halimah said that her party has established four main actions, namely the Happy KRT Action, the Safe KRT Action, the Clean and Beautiful KRT Action, and the Healthy KRT Action.

Following that, she said, the KPN has delivered 340 RT Cares boxes to residents of B40 from 34 Neighborly Communities (KRT) around Nabawan.

“While each KRT from the Pensiangan Parliament received a lawnmower for the implementation of the Clean and Beautiful Action Joint Activities in their respective areas,” she said.

Meanwhile, Halimah said, there are 117 KRT in the Pensiangan Parliament covering three districts namely Keningau District, Nabawan District and Sook Kecil District.

“The state of Sabah also has the second largest number of KRTs after Selangor in the whole of Malaysia with a total of 1,069 KRTs. Until now, there are 8,330 KRTs across the country,” she said.

In addition, Halimah also had the opportunity to visit the Women’s Neighbor Committee, Rita Sanin who has been paralyzed since 2020 to help ease her burden by giving daily necessities as well as cash donations.

source – Eton Khir

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