Cross the 107-year bridge like Spider-Man to celebrate Malaysia Day

Cross the 107-year bridge like Spider-Man to celebrate Malaysia Day

ALOR SETAR: Various ways are done to show love for the country in conjunction with the Malaysia Day Celebration today.

The difference was made by four climbing athletes in Kedah when they created history by doing a Spiderman -style action on a mission across the 107-year-old Railway Bridge in Limbong Kapal by using the ‘urban roof climbing’ technique .

This climbing mission was carried out by Mohd Zamri Hamid, 51, who is the leader of the mission in addition to Muhammad Akif Nukman Nazrilazdin, 23, Dzukram Alzam Mohd Zamri, 19 and the only female athlete, Wann Iryani Ariffin, 32.

The director of the mission, Syed Alif Iskandar Syed Zainal Abidin, 37, said this success made history for them and it was even sweeter that it was done in conjunction with Malaysia Day.

He said that the training and preparations were done carefully and carefully to cross the old 80 meter long railway bridge that was completed in 1915 by using the ‘urban roof climbing’ technique .

Syed Alif Iskandar said, the technique of ‘urban roof climbing’ , which is to cross a bridge while hanging, is the first in the country since the technique is usually done by climbers from abroad.

“According to the records, there has never been any association or any climbing activist carrying out climbing activities like this in Malaysia and this is the first urban climbing in Malaysia and I am proud that we succeeded in the mission where we managed to climb in turns,” he said.

For the lone female climber Wann Iryani, she said, mental strength is needed to finish this mission after seeing family members and friends who are at the end of the bridge never stop giving words of encouragement.

She who is also a member of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department in Bukit Kayu Hitam, said today’s mission is very meaningful because this is his best achievement since venturing into this climbing activity for more than 15 years.

The Malaysia Day celebration program at the Limbong Kapal Bridge is also enhanced with a ‘flying fox’ activity that gives the public the opportunity to try extreme activities.

source – Adie Sufian Zulkefli

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