Creativity and responsibility are needed to succeed, says Jimmy Choo

Creativity and responsibility are needed to succeed, says Jimmy Choo

KUALA LUMPUR: The business community and entrepreneurs need creativity and responsibility to be successful, especially to overcome difficult times, said iProfessor Datuk Dr Jimmy Choo, OBE (Honorary Order of the British Empire).

Queen Elizabeth II has awarded Choo an OBE for her contribution to the fashion industry.

The international shoe designer said most successful businesses or entrepreneurs never give up on their ideas especially when faced with challenges and they always look for innovative approaches to overcome obstacles.

He said entrepreneurs need to adapt to changing economic conditions and innovate and accept technological advances in order to gain attention from customers.

“If you think your business is headed for failure then you must find out why. Try to change your approach, business model or plan to make it work.

“If there’s something you don’t know, you should ask people. If you stay silent, you won’t learn,” he said on Bernama TV’s talk show – “The Nation” on Friday.

He stressed that business owners need to have new things to present to customers because the best marketing strategy is word-of-mouth promotion.

“Make plans and care about your employees and most importantly, be responsible for their well-being. Taking into account the opinions of employees will help business owners show employees that the employer values ​​them (employees),” he said.

In turn it will allow the company to be respected in the business, said Choo.

The late Princess Diana and other members of the royal family are among the famous clients of the international fashion icon.

In September last year, Choo launched a London fashion school called ‘JCA London Fashion Academy’, the school offers fashion design courses that combine the latest teaching in contemporary design with the entrepreneurial skills needed to set up and drive a successful fashion brand.

He said education is very important because a person gains a lot of knowledge through education, it can also develop new skills.

source – BERNAMA

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