Creative industry players need to be brave, out of the ordinary to penetrate the global market

Creative industry players need to be brave, out of the ordinary to penetrate the global market

CANNES (France): The country’s creative industry players need to be brave to step out of the ordinary to enable the country’s creative content to penetrate the global market, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

He said industry players needed to find mechanisms, so that the country’s creative content was not seen as a ‘fragmented’ market, and in turn use the available strengths to highlight the country’s products internationally.

“I was told by one (in the industry) that Malaysia has a very divided market because Malays watch Malay films, Chinese watch Chinese films, Indians watch Indian films. So we have a relatively small market compared to Thailand, the Philippines or Indonesia. .

“But let’s try to find a way, how can we use that as a strength. This is what I want to ask FINAS (Malaysian National Film Development Corporation) to work with several film producers, to use our multilingual strength, not only our people can speak good English, so can go international but our people can speak Mandarin, Tamil and Malay, “he said.

He was speaking to reporters after meeting with creative industry players participating in the world’s largest international film exhibition, Marche Du Film (MARCHE 2022), at the Malaysia Pavilion at the Palais des Festival, here on Tuesday.

Marche Du Film is the world’s largest film marketplace that brings together many film producers, financiers, broadcasters, distributors, suppliers and buyers from around the world, to build a network of creative content sales globally, as well as share views and prospects of film projects.

Annuar led a Malaysian delegation comprising 13 local companies that participated in the nine -day film fair starting today, with 10 companies present physically while three companies present online.

Elaborating further, Annuar said the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia intended to rebuild the country’s film industry, as the industry had great potential to contribute to the country’s economy thus creating many jobs.

“I want to try one, two films and I dare to take a few steps out of the ordinary, that is, any producer who submits a proposal that I think has value that the government can support, maybe we can for special treatment or special programs. , but we want to fertilize him together to take them to the next level.

“There are some good, young and talented filmmakers who need to be given the opportunity, to do something big, to take them to the next level. They deserve to lead this industry,” he said.

He said the government should not be seen as a mere regulator, instead it should be more proactive and friendly to the industry, in helping industry players market their products internationally.

Meanwhile, Annuar urged creative industry players to use Marche Du Film as a platform to promote, thus selling their creative content products internationally.

“We need to do it immediately. Don’t make this exhibition a place to travel but a work platform. We need to be serious, meet the right people. Go out and make contact and position yourself for a global pegi,” he said.

Earlier, Annuar spent about an hour meeting with the Malaysian delegation and looking at the creative content products of their respective companies, which were marketed at the film fair.

source -BERNAMA

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