Creative industry associations need to be governed professionally – Annuar Musa

Creative industry associations need to be governed professionally – Annuar Musa

KUALA LUMPUR: Associations related to the creative industry need to be administered professionally to elevate the industry, as well as maintain its level of professionalism, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

For example, he said the royalty system could be created by taking on the experience of foreign countries that take care of the community of creative industry activists such as actors.

“If we look at architects, there is the Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia, town planners have the ‘Malaysian Institute of Planners’ and they become professionals because they have an association that takes care of their professionalism.

“So in the art world, even though people say artists need freedom, if they want to make it a profession, I suggest that they have a ‘Board of Governors’ that regulates ethics, the profession, and if that is there, maybe the method of paying royalties to those who are recognized as licensed actors, professional actors are easier for us to control, ”he said.

He said this at the Joint Media Appreciation Ceremony in conjunction with RTM’s Syawal 2022 Special Program at The Vertical, Bangsar South City Kuala Lumpur, here.

Meanwhile, Annuar said a “pitching” session for creative industry activists to submit their work for the Malaysian Broadcasting Department (RTM) would be held in the near future.

“God willing, on the 20th day of this month we will start issuing advertisements to inform activists, publishers and so on for them to apply or submit proposals for the latest works.

At the same time I get the recommendation that the rest of those who have not been successful in “pitching” before, be connected and taken, which is … we have considered the matter, ”he said.

However Annuar said it should also be open to new ideas as each creative outcome has a specific period, and those who were unsuccessful in previous “pitching” sessions could modify the content as appropriate.

The event organized tonight also aims to introduce RTM’s Syawal 2022 Special Program themed “Syukurnya Syawal”.

Along with the theme, RTM through three main channels namely TV1, TV2 and TV Okey provides religious programs, telefilms, drama series, documentaries, magazines and special entertainment in conjunction with Aidilfitri.

Apart from television programs, all 34 RTM radio stations also offer various interesting programs for listeners.

source – BERNAMA

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