Cotton candy is Ezuwan Ismail’s inspiration

Cotton candy is Ezuwan Ismail’s inspiration

Famous fashion designer, Ezuwan Ismail, who is known by the nickname, ‘Malaysia’s most skilled tailor’, came up with an inspired Cotton Candy collection at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) 2022.

For fashion designers who plunged into the arena of the world of singing, including once establishing the E1 Band trio, themes and concepts were highlighted trying to immerse themselves in the mouth-watering colors that are full of sweetness.

“This year I presented 24 collections. 24 collections are female and the rest are male. Pastel colors such as soft yellow, ‘lilac’ blue, soft blue, pink, ‘tiffany’ green and peach are among the basic pastel colors used.

“I use a collection of fabrics such as ’twill’, cotton fabric, lycra and mesh. Even the element wrapped in one body is also highlighted to inject a different design this time.

“I believe this cotton candy has given us its own nostalgia since before. So it’s more about recalling the sweetness that we’ve had and are feeling. Not to mention after being tested in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said the Kelantan-born fashion designer.

Ezuwan, who made a name for himself as a favorite and the choice of popular artists such as Rozita Che Wan, Allahyarham Adibah Noor, Nelydia Senrose, Uqasha Senrose and Aprena Manrose, said the price was also reasonable.

“The collection this time is sold at prices from RM2,800 to RM6,000. You can spy on Instagram (IG) @ezuwanismail to wash your eyes and buy,” he said.

Ezuwan said again, the collection highlighted this time also tries to highlight the young side.

“It doesn’t matter how old we are, we have to have a young side. We were once young and some were enjoying the sweetness of that teenager’s life.

“Don’t ‘get old’ yourself. It’s just that in fashion you have to be good at adapting yourself and the situation. Don’t be reckless,” said Zahie Omar’s husband.

The father of two
presented his collection at KLFW2022 on August 18 at the foyer of the famous Pavilion shopping mall.

In fact, Ezuwan also managed to get two Casablanca duet singers, Nuha Bahrin and Naufal Azrin as the show’s stage lights this time.

“It seems that the gamification of bringing two singers who are exploding at the moment is very successful. They managed to stun many people to watch my ready-to-wear collection presentation.

“Thanks to my good friend who managed to arrange the binding of the two singers to perform.

“Some even asked me to sing along with them. No less, ask them to work together to produce a new single with them,” he said.

In the meantime, the Cotton Candy collection show slot also had an unexpected event when the dress shown by one of Ezuwan’s models almost fell off.

“Fortunately, the model wears a shirt. If only the ‘top’ of the skirt.. I can’t imagine what will happen. Fortunately, the model is not Malay.

“If it’s a Malay model… I can’t imagine if it goes viral and becomes a sensation and criticism from netizens,” he said, who is used to being criticized by netizens.

source – wilayahku

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