Cooperation with TikTok influencers… Aeril, Wawa thinks the fate of merchants

Cooperation with TikTok influencers… Aeril, Wawa thinks the fate of merchants

The situation of the past COVID-19 pandemic still has an impression on the public to this day. Although many have risen, not all of them can seize job opportunities.

Realizing this situation, celebrity couple Aeril Zafrel and Wawa Zainal continue to work hard for the survival of the merchants under Wawa Cosmetics.

Recently, they collaborated with TikTok influencers for a new product, Wangian Wawa x Rozyana, which was launched in Kajang, Selangor, recently.

According to Aeril, this collaboration with Rozyama Roslan is a way to further advance their business and at the same time help agents generate income.

“Rozyana’s election was right because she has millions of followers on TikTok. The trend now is that there are even more people active on TikTok, so we have to take the opportunity and follow current developments.

“In fact, most of the viral issues come from the application. So we establish this collaboration in addition to studying what is trending right now.

“This is because even though Wawa and I are celebrities, we don’t deny that other influencers are also helping our business. You can’t rely on just the two of us.

“Let’s hope that in the future this brand will still be able to move on its own, even though we are not moving forward,” he said.

At the same time, Wawa also announced that the collaboration with Rozyana received a positive impact if the fragrance product had sold 22,000 units before the launch was made.

Wawa said, this collaboration is important to ensure the continuity of the workers and resellers are in good condition.

“We believe in sustenance, that’s His permission. However, I can’t deny that we did our best. Until we who are husband and wife are also busy talking about long business. Even if you want to sleep, talk about business.

“That’s why many people rely on us for hope. Wawa Cosmetics itself now has around 30 workers, ‘resellers’ are also increasing. If we ‘sleep’ it’s hard too,” she said.

source – wilayahku

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