Controversy is over, Justin Bieber’s wife and ex-girlfriend are back together

Controversy is over, Justin Bieber’s wife and ex-girlfriend are back together

LOS ANGELES: Closing the old controversy that blew over the past four years, singer Selena Gomez and model Hailey Bieber reportedly reconciled after being seen friendly at the 2022 Academy Museum Annual Event that took place in Los Angeles, last Saturday.

Citing a Billboard report , the presence of Gomez and Hailey Bieber turned out to steal a lot of attention after being seen taking pictures together while leaning closely.

Recently, Hailey appeared on the Call Me Daddy podcast insisting that she was never the third person in Selena and Bieber’s relationship, thereby taking Bieber away from Gomez.

“It’s not in my nature to be a usurper. No, never and have no interest in doing that.

“When we started dating, Justin was no longer in a long-term relationship. If we have moved on , why can’t they?

“I was raised with better moral values ​​than what was said about me.

“I’m not interested in ruining people’s relationships and I never do that,” Hailey said.

Until now, even though Hailey and Bieber are happy, they still receives criticism that cannot accept statements from fans of Selena Gomez.

Following the interview, Gomez also expressed her disappointment at the attitude of some of her fans who cyber bullied Hailey.

“There are some things that I don’t think I need to see or know because they are disgusting and vile things to talk about.

“It’s not fair and I don’t think anyone should say that,” she said via Tiktok
For the record, Hailey and Justin got married a few months after Justin and Selena broke up in September 2018.

Following their wedding, fans labeled Hailey as the usurper in Justin and Selena’s eight-year relationship.

source – Faida Rahim

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