Content Code 2022 is launched, foster best practices in creating, organizing content

Content Code 2022 is launched, foster best practices in creating, organizing content

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Content Forum (Content Forum) launched the Content Code 2022 (Content Code 2022) which aims to be a comprehensive guide by outlining best practices and standard standards for the creation and curation of content.

Its Executive Director, Mediha Mahmood said, the code is his commitment to advance the global comparable content industry.

Said Mediha, the Content Code 2022 is also the result of an extensive process involving various stakeholders including the public throughout the country, in addition to approximately 1,245 written submissions received through feedback conducted in a series of dialogues and meetings last year.

“Public opinion helps us identify and address some of the concerns that exist in the content industry.

” Content Forum believes that the best policy formulation is implemented not only involving policy makers and regulators but also after consultation with the industry, stakeholders and the general public,” she said in a statement on Wednesday.

In the meantime, he added, the code also aims to contribute significantly as a guideline to deal with various issues in the current user while avoiding any harmful content and information.

“These include, among others, the exploitation of religion in advertising products, suicide-related reporting in the news, misleading advertising by influencers and avoiding pressing concerns about advertising to children, online abuse, gender-based violence and accessibility of information for people with disabilities (OKU), ” she said.

Meanwhile, Content Forum Chairman Kenny Ong said that continuous efforts to foster discourse on the complex content ecosystem among key stakeholders in the industry should be held to create a healthier global content environment, including through dialogue sessions.

He said, the dialogue session titled Content: Who’s In Control?: A Dialogue in conjunction with the launch of Content Code 2022 held today also featured great panelists.

Among them are Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) Astro Euan Daryl Smith; Mediha; Director of Public Policy, Ruben Hattari; Deputy Chief Executive Officer of TV Networks, Nini Yusof and Country Manager , Dinesh Ratnam.

“We are fortunate to be able to work with key industry stakeholders to advance national content standards. Our panelists bring a different perspective on control and shed light on how the industry handles obstacles from an industry focused on traditional media.

“Continued discussions like and engagement with is something we will continue in the future. This is how the Content Code was drafted and continues to foster a progressive content landscape for all Malaysians in the next generation,” he said.

Established in 2004, the Content Code outlines best practices and ethical standards for the creation and curation of content provided by the Content Forum under the Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM).

source – Ehsan A Marisah

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