“Congratulations Syamsul finally admitted to getting married in Thailand” – Puteri Sarah

“Congratulations Syamsul finally admitted to getting married in Thailand” – Puteri Sarah

ACTRESS Puteri Sarah Liyana expressed her disappointment following the revelation of her husband, Syamsul Yusof, by marrying Ira Kazar.

At the same time, Puteri Sarah asked Syamsul not to distort the situation by putting the blame on her shoulders.

“If Shaikhul and Sumayyah can give a statement in court, they will say: ‘Father who leaves the house many times, leaving their mother, brother and sister… where father is always not at home?’

“Syamsul, don’t use the name of God to make yourself look like an angel in the eyes of people,” the actress wrote on her Instagram account.

In a different post on Insta Story, Puteri Sarah also claimed that Syamsul had married Ira a few months ago.
“(Syamsul) turn the story around and put the blame on my shoulders?

“But no matter what, congratulations for finally admitting (being married) and getting registered, after months of marriage in Thailand,” she said while informing that she would detail the matter in a video after completing the task.

Earlier, the prolific director confirmed that he had married Ira, who is also the son of actor Kazar Saisi, in Thailand.

He, however, did not reveal the date when the wedding ceremony will take place.

Over the past year, Syamsul and Puteri Sarah’s domestic controversy has been widely covered by the local media.

Puteri Sarah in her statement once revealed Ira as the cause of her troubled marriage with Syamsul.

Syamsul and Puteri Sarah who got married on 8 March 2014 were blessed with a pair of eyes, Syaikhul Islam, 6, and Sumayyah, 4.


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