Congratulations! Alvin Wee, the first Sarawakian to win an award on the Hollywood stage

Congratulations! Alvin Wee, the first Sarawakian to win an award on the Hollywood stage

“It’s a fierce competition …”

This is what the producer and musician, Alvin Wee said after becoming the first Malaysian to win the Cinema Audio Society Award (CAS) 2022 on the Hollywood stage.

The Kuching, Sarawak native won the Outstanding Sound Mixing Achievement category for his work in the Disney animated series, Encanto .

Sharing the success to The Borneo Post, the 34 -year -old Wee described it as a proud achievement as a result of the collaboration of the entire Encanto team.

“It’s very intense competition and the individuals competing are the best the industry has to offer. So I don’t take it easy (the nomination of other participants).

“We know one thing we do is cooperation from all the teams, which I believe is something that can rarely be done,” he said citing the portal’s report on Monday.
At the same time, Wee considers his achievement as a victory for Malaysians who are fighting for the creative industry.
He also hopes that the success will be able to motivate the younger generation in the creative industry.
“I want everyone, especially those who are starting out in the creative industry and may have very little access to resources and technology, to know that there is a path towards the future and they all have to keep going,” he said.

The CAS Awards recognize the best soundtracks produced in film and television.

Wee began his career in music mixing after graduating with a degree in music at one of the universities in Boston, USA.

Wee’s career journey is further highlighted when he has the opportunity to be an assistant producer and collaborate with several international singers such as Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Beyonce.

Among his magical touches include films like Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle, Kung Fu Panda 3, The Zookeeper’s Wife, 13 Hours: The Soldiers of Benghazi and Eddie the Eagle.

source – Astro Awani

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