Concert of Kugiran Masdo and The Changcuters on 29th December

Concert of Kugiran Masdo and The Changcuters on 29th December

KUALA LUMPUR: Although delivered in different languages, music unites fans around the world.

The combination of famous musicians, Kugiran Masdo and The Changcuters from Indonesia will set the mood with their collection of popular songs, next month.

For the first time, Kugiran Masdo Empire (KME) as the organizer brings a ‘collaborative burst’ concert between Kugiran Masdo and The Changcuters.

The representative of the KME organizer, Azanol or better known as Putu Ceri, informed the selection of the date of December 29 as a significant closing of the year 2022 which will see the music industry come back to life.

“As an organizer, KME wants to bring an archipelago-style entertainment and is very pleased to be able to unite Masdo with The Changcuters.

“This symbolizes local music or from neighboring countries there is no difference if we appreciate, support and respect each other. With two genres of ‘crazy’ music, supported by fans who are the backbone of our struggle, KME believes Kugiran Masdo x The Changcuters will be well received,” he said.

With cooperation from Homebois, HWlab and Flavaco, the Masdo Band x The Changcuters concert will be held at Zepp Kuala Lumpur on December 29.

Ticket prices start at RM159 (Minami), RM179 (Berchanda), RM199 (Gila Gilaan), RM249 (Amore) and RM799 (VIP Box) and can be purchased at TAPAUasia .

source – Faida Rahim

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