Colorverse Is Asia’s Next Game-Changing NFT Community Economy Platform

Colorverse Is Asia’s Next Game-Changing NFT Community Economy Platform

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 September 2022 – Colorverse, an innovative new community-led and NFT (non-fungible token) focused community economy ecosystem was launched this month. This game-changing platform blends the best elements from Earning and Entertainment activities for Creators and Fans (“community”), while showcasing how Web 3.0 creates value as it transitions from the current Web 2.0 creator economy to one that is for the community and by the community.

As a whole, this blockchain-powered ecosystem empowers Creators and Fans to socialize, engage with one another, with Fans and Creators alike also being rewarded during the process. They can engage in “Earn-tertainment” opportunities to Earn, Entertain, and be Entertained. This is Earning and Entertainment at its finest, and Colorverse is Asia’s first community economy to facilitate it for both audiences.

Power of NFT Community
An NFT Community is the new form of engagement between Creators and Fans. In Colorverse, the platform enables Creators to build their own community via launching their unique NFTs and metaverse events. It also provides a platform for their fans to socialize, engage and co-create – this is a “win-win” proposition for the whole community.

Aside from the engagement, the NFT community also empowers both Creators and Fans to enjoy monetary benefits – they will be rewarded based on their level of activity in the community, such as inviting new members, tipping to Creators, etc. Fans can leverage the built-in features to discuss, propose and be part of the future and growth of community wealth. Ultimately, the platform provides both Creators and Fans true “Earn-tertainment” value and maximizes collaboration with brands to ensure sustainable wealth growth for the community.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Colorverse, Sharon Tse, said, “Colorverse is intended as a community-led platform where Creators and Fans have a space to benefit commercially by building their social networks and uplifting one another. We aspire and strive to be Asia’s top NFT Community Economy while redefining the way that Fans and Creators engage with each other to co-create and earn. At the same time. it allows both parties to enjoy together new ‘earn-tertainment’ growth in our NFT community!”

“Ultimately, our mission is to address and resolve the unfulfilling Creator-Fan relationships of the Web 2.0 era. As the world moves from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, the untapped potential of Web 3.0 promises to be one of the most exciting investment opportunities for everyone involved in the community economy field,” added Tse.

A showcase of synergistic co-creation
In addition, Colorverse is pleased to announce a collaboration with Malaysian artiste Kenny Low. This singer’s latest single titled, ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ will be launched as an NFT in the Colorverse ecosystem where the Fans will be able to own a piece of his song. Fans can start purchasing his NFT by the end of October 2022 and will be given the opportunity to be featured in his music video, besides gaining exclusive access to his Music Video Premier Party in the metaverse.

Kenny’s rise to fame began in 2017 after winning the first runner-up title in The Voice Asia, as well as placing in at least the top 3 in a number of other music competitions from 2011 till 2017. The collaboration between Colorverse and Kenny is a good example of what the Colorverse platform wants to enable for content creators similar to Kenny Low, and Fans who appreciate his talent.

In short, Colorverse empowers Creators like Kenny to launch their NFT collection and interact with their fans while retaining full control of the content they choose to monetize Colorverse envisions itself setting new standards and developing a new generation of social media platforms, while resolving current challenges and issues with the present social media landscape.

About Colorverse

Asia’s first SocialFi NFT community platform with a Web 3.0 marketing solution

Colorverse is a community economy building platform with an NFT marketing solution that connects Creators, Fans and brands, by leveraging blockchain technology and an ecosystem.

Colorverse, which was born in 2021, is designed to turn the current social entertainment environment on its head. We want to provide everyone the ability to enjoy entertainment while growing their wealth through the Web3.0 experience, which we call “Earn-tertainment”. We are here to transform the existing creator economy into a new era, community-led economy, as well as provide a fresh perspective of influencer marketing, one that unleashes the power of community.

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