Cloud Music Inc. Adds Expansive J-Pop Portfolio with Pony Canyon Agreement

Cloud Music Inc. Adds Expansive J-Pop Portfolio with Pony Canyon Agreement

HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud Music Inc. (HKEX: 9899, “NetEase Cloud Music” or the “Company”), a leading interactive music streaming service provider in China, today announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement for digital music distribution (“the Agreement”) with Pony Canyon Inc. (“Pony Canyon”), a leading anime and music production company in Japan, granting NetEase Cloud Music the right to distribute Pony Canyon’s music catalog.

Under the terms of the Agreement, the two companies will join hands to bring more creative music content, especially J-pop and anime music, to audiences in China. Pony Canyon’s robust portfolio boasts a strong global presence in overseas markets with a number of influential J-pop artists, including Official HIGE DANdism, GARNiDELiA, Kana Hanazawa, Maaya Uchida, aiko, and luz, among others.

Established in 1966, Pony Canyon is a leading entertainment company in Japan, continually challenging to expand beyond the sphere of music and video to provide a wide variety of content. In addition to its renowned music, film and gaming content, Pony Canyon has also produced iconic anime series such as “Attack on Titan” and “The Quintessential Quintuplets.”

As one of China’s leading online music platforms, NetEase Cloud Music has long been a preferred online destination for music enthusiasts, especially among the younger generation. NetEase Cloud Music has established itself as a trusted partner for well-known Japanese copyright holders. It has already extended partnerships with copyright holders, including well-known music labels in Japan, such as Studio Ghibli and the newly added Avex. In addition to these partnerships, NetEase Cloud Music has expanded its library to various music genres and added more animation and games, as well as more J-pop and classical music from Japan. The platform’s strong social community and product innovation further reinforce the diversified interest-based communities for users and encourage the creation of various user-generated content (UGC). NetEase Cloud Music’s unique music community appeal, highly interactive user base and impressive user stickiness underscore the platform’s capabilities in efficiently promoting music content distribution while extending audience outreach with meaningful interactions.

NetEase Cloud Music has been actively broadening its portfolio and expanding its partnerships with top entertainment companies to enrich the high-quality content offering on the platform to better address users’ diverse music tastes. Recently, NetEase Cloud Music has extended music copyright cooperations with a number of top record labels, including Modern Sky, Emperor Entertainment Group, China Record Group, Feng Hua Qiu Shi, Yuehua Entertainment, Linfair Records, SM Entertainment, TF Entertainment, YG Entertainment, KAO!INC and Avex. Moving forward, NetEase Cloud Music will pursue further collaborations with upstream copyright owners and continue to provide more high-quality music content for music lovers in China.

About Cloud Music Inc.

Launched in 2013 by NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES; HKEX: 9999), Cloud Music Inc. (HKEX: 9899) is a leading interactive music streaming service provider in China. Dedicated to providing an elevated user experience, Cloud Music Inc. provides precise, personalised recommendations, promotes user interaction and creates a strong social community. Its focus on discovering and promoting emerging musicians has made Cloud Music Inc. a destination of choice for exploring new and independent music among music enthusiasts in China. The platform has been recognised as the most popular entertainment app among China’s vibrant Generation Z community.

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