China releases new era cyberspace governance white paper

China releases new era cyberspace governance white paper

BEIJING: China on Thursday released a white paper on ‘China’s Law-Based Governance of Cyberspace in the New Era’.

According to the white paper, China has enacted and enforced more than 140 laws involving cyber governance since 1994, which is at the beginning of the internet connection that includes all its functions.

The Director of the Economic Law Office of the Legal Affairs Commission under the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) of China, Yue Zhongming informed that five special laws have been enacted over the past few years to encourage the healthy development of the internet based on the law.

“Based on the Cyber ​​Security Law enacted in 2016, registration with a real name in cyber can be implemented, in addition to establishing systems and measures to maintain the security of products, services and cyber operations.
“The e-commerce law issued in 2018 has comprehensively updated e-commerce activities.

“Meanwhile, the Data Security Law and the Personal Information Protection Law in 2021 will be implemented to increase the ability to guarantee national data security, as well as protect the rights and personal interests of every citizen,” he explained.

Yue said in 2022, the Telecommunications Network Anti-Fraud Law will be enacted to form a comprehensive governance system that includes telecommunications, finance and the internet.

The white paper also details international cooperation in efforts to improve cyberspace governance.

The Deputy Director of the National Internet Information Office, Cao Shumin stated that various countries have their own legal civilizations that will definitely find their own internet development governance model.

“China will follow the guidance of the concept suggested by President Xi Jinping in building a community that shares the fate of cyberspace together with other countries, as well as exploring efficient ways to help humanity make better use of the internet,” he said.

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