Chef Nette’s inaugural cookbook promotes simple and healthy dishes

Chef Nette’s inaugural cookbook promotes simple and healthy dishes

PETALING JAYA: Chef Annette Isaac or better known as Chef Nette, has published her inaugural cookbook entitled What To Cook Laaa …, which was launched by the Raja Permaisuri of Perak, Tuanku Zara Salim.

Unlike other cookbooks, Chef Nette’s cookbook contains simple but delicious recipes.

Her culinary tastes are shaped through her travels around the world combined with her talents as a new recipe formulator and food stylist.

Having been interested in cooking since school, Chef Nette hopes that the birth of the cookbook will encourage more people to venture and develop interest in cooking.

“Cooking is easy and I want to build a feeling of love for cooking delicious, healthy and simple dishes to the public,” she said.

Chef Nette also believes that a large part of the hereditary heritage of Malaysians is cultivated and inherited from generation to generation through cooking. She aspires to see the unique and diverse heritage of Malaysian cuisine, preserved through the publication of her books.

The book What To Cook Laaa … is published by MPH Group Publishing and is available at all MPH branches.

source – Madiha Abdullah

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