Cheap internet packages: Need a level of service quality in Sabah

Cheap internet packages: Need a level of service quality in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU: The Fixed Broadband Integration Package that was announced yesterday is expected to be upgraded with more effective measures to improve the level of service quality especially in the rural areas of the state.

The average Sabahan told that the package would enable the B40 group and the less able target group to have high-speed broadband internet, but it would not mean much if the internet coverage still did not reach a satisfactory level.

The president of Sabah’s West Coast Intelligent Consumers Association, David Chan, said that internet access in Sabah, which is still at an unsatisfactory level at the moment, could be the main obstacle to the package’s objective of providing cheap broadband internet to the people of the state.

He said it would be very difficult to see the impact of the package on the lives of the target group in Sabah if the group could not enjoy the service properly due to internet service constraints in the state.

“I really hope that the government will be able to improve the installation of internet with more towers built outside the city so that the target group can really enjoy the incentives from this government,” he said, yesterday.

The Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil, in a statement yesterday, announced the package targeted to help the B40 group, veterans, the disabled and the elderly at a lower price.

Muhamad Lizan Mat Sittim, 30, who is also a disabled person, said the package is a hope for the target group such as disabled people to enjoy cheap internet facilities and not miss out on the cyber world because nowadays more people use the internet.

As for Affidah Othman, 43, a housewife, she thinks that the speed package of up to 30Mbps is acknowledged to save monthly expenses up to RM20 when the original RM89 was reduced to RM69, but she still wants to see what the telecommunications company (telco) is doing to make the package successful.

“Telco needs to keep up with the government’s commitment on this issue, it doesn’t mean that if the government tries to introduce this package but Telco still offers services on the old notch, I want to wait and see what Telco’s plans are after this,” she said.

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