Che Ta, Anas is aiming to sell 300,000 boxes of Mazaville Henna

Che Ta, Anas is aiming to sell 300,000 boxes of Mazaville Henna

OPTIMISTIC with the market and demand for henna ‘instant’ or immediately, the famous entrepreneur, Anas Zahrin with his good friend who is also a famous celebrity, Rozita Che Wan collaborated to produce Mazaville.

In fact, just launched earlier this month, they have sold out of 50,000 boxes of henna in two days.

In fact, Anas, who acts as the founder of the brand, is targeting another 300,000 boxes to be marketed by the end of this year.

“Looking at the current trend, the demand for instant henna is very encouraging. Despite facing many competitors producing such products, we believe it is a healthy development.

“Rozita or Che Ta herself as the co -founder also acts as the brand’s small ‘ambassador’. The influence and popularity it has is an added value to our scope of business.

“Before this, we had collaborated to produce products and at that time he acted as a promotion ambassador. But this time the difference is, we are working on it together, “said Anas.

In fact, while welcoming the presence of the product, Anas also sponsored a large henna ceremony in conjunction with the wedding anniversary of Che Ta and her husband, Zain Saidin, which will turn 10 on 11 December.

However, the celebration was organized earlier on June 14 at the event premises, Glamhall Damansara, which featured Traditional Malay themed clothing designed by Man Kajang.

“Because I want to launch this henna product, what’s wrong with me sponsoring their wedding anniversary earlier. We have been good friends for 12 years, ”said Anas.

Meanwhile, Che Ta himself has been fond of using henna since childhood again.

“In the past, even if I don’t get married again, I really like to use henna as an ‘accessory’. Often, henna is synonymous when you want to get married.

“But, in fact, there is not only a limited time to get married. In the past, when there was a wedding ceremony, the bachelor ‘trang tang-tang’ inserted disposable henna, ”said Che Ta.

Admitting that even though many run the same business, the mother of three believes in each other’s sustenance.

“I believe sustenance is everywhere. But the price of henna is not the level of heaven. The price of ‘rakyat’, a box is only RM15. Do not
compare the price with others.

“We do business in a healthy way, the promise of results is exploding. Want to be a stockist is also welcome by clicking the link or to Instagram @mazaville. I believe that others who trade in henna products can also accept tempias.

“We are also at the level of ‘anil fish’, compared to other popular brands. Prices are set because they know what the current economy is like. But let’s buy it not once, but many times,” said Che Ta

source – wilayahku

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