Chain Champs Launches Free to Use PFP Maker

Chain Champs Launches Free to Use PFP Maker

Aspiring NFT creators can now freely create generative projects with zero coding experience

TORONTO, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chain Champs Inc, NFT Marketplace, announced today the launch of their free to use NFT creation tools for artists launching generative PFP projects. The tools allow creators with zero previous NFT or coding experience to dedicate all of their time to art, while Chain Champs handles the generation, hosting, and minting.

Prior to mass publication, the PFP Maker has already been used to create thousands of pieces of unique art that will be distributed and sold as NFTs. The NFT creation tools also provide free to use solutions for minting NFTs and holding drops on the WAX blockchain.

“This will revolutionize the space, you are pioneers and innovators, you are going to be the Apple of WAX,” said one early tester.

“Really like it so far, once I got the hang of it, it’s simple to use.”

The NFT space is rapidly growing and generative PFP projects are at the core of what currently defines what an NFT is. Chain Champs believes that simple to use tools that reduce the barrier of entry to NFTs while providing nearly free minting to an eco-friendly blockchain, will help the NFT space grow.

About Chain Champs Inc.

Created from the dream of creating the fastest NFT marketplace on one of the fastest blockchains. Chain Champs offers unmatched speed that gives buyers an average 10%-15% savings on purchases. Offering sellers unmatched pricing information with pricing algorithms developed using AI and neural networks.

SOURCE – Chain Champs Inc.

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