Celestion Partner with Tech Pioneers Aurovine and Revolutionary Marketplace MusicArt

Celestion Partner with Tech Pioneers Aurovine and Revolutionary Marketplace MusicArt

The world’s leading speaker manufacturer Celestion is taking their next leap forward by partnering with the pioneering blockchain music platform Aurovine, and the exciting music art focused digital marketplace MusicArt.

The move follows Celestion’s previous venture Celestion Plus – the acclaimed digital plugins that brought the power and sound of Celestion speakers straight into consumers’ computers. Now the Ipswich based hardware powerhouse is strengthening its community with branded NFTs that will see Celestion fans further immerse themselves into company’s world.

“Celestion has always been an integral part of the music industry and seeks to support it and the artists within.” Says Celestion Head of Marketing Ken Weller. “NFTs appear to provide a commensurate reward for work produced by artists. As a well loved and recognised brand, we understand that people want to feel ‘part of’ Celestion. NFTs provides this affinity for followers of Celestion, guiding musicians towards a supportive environment where their work can be nurtured.”

Celestion have partnered with Aurovine – the artist development company famed for the world’s first music blockchain streaming platform. With artists becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of support from platforms like Spotify, Aurovine provides an ethical alternative for fans to support their favourite musicians.

Aurovine Managing Director Danun Todd says “It`s a great honour for Aurovine to be asked to partner with Celestion speakers in helping them develop and evolve their NFT artwork strategy into the blockchain marketplace. As a musician and somebody who uses Celestion speakers in the guitar amplifiers that I own and use myself, it’s fantastic to explore the possibilities that are out there with Celestion NFTs, in pushing the brand and content to fans new and old.”.

At the heart of the joint venture is the ethos that connects the three companies – support for independent artists. Music related digital art marketplace MusicArt packages cutting-edge blockchain technology in a user-friendly interface that allows unsigned musicians to take control of how they monetise their work.

“When Peter Ruppert [co-founder of MusicArt] approached me with the MusicArt NFT platform it was an obvious and immediate decision.” Continues Todd. “MusicArt are not only selling amazing NFT artwork by some of the world’s biggest rock stars such as Jimi Hendrix, but their ethos is to support new and upcoming artists. We’re all very excited to see where this takes us.”.

The partnership marks an exciting new venture for the three companies that will see Celestion’s NFTs joining the pantheon of works from legacy acts to exciting up-and-comers hosted on the MusicArt platform.

You can find Celestion’s NFTs on the MusicArt platform here: https://musicart.io/artist/25ef2104-260c-4dbf-927b-f3e63b21c955.


Celestion: https://celestion.com/

Aurovine: https://www.aurovine.com/

MusicArt: https://musicart.io/

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