Celebrate the 10th year, MeleTOP will present more surprises

Celebrate the 10th year, MeleTOP will present more surprises

SHAH ALAM: Starting in 2012, who would have thought that the family entertainment program, remains strong entertaining fans every Tuesday night until now.

10 years of broadcasting must have been a lot of ups and downs and the production side must have tried to present interesting segments to present to the audience.

According to Assistant Vice President Gen Next Astro, Razlin Irawati Johar, Meletop will always bring fresh content and feature more variety in the future, especially with the arrival of a new face, Hawa Rizwana as a permanent host.

“There will be many surprises, from Hawa and Meletop himself.

“After this we will also present fresher content and more activities in the MeleTOP program,” she said when met by the media on Tuesday.

MeleTOP celebrates its tenth anniversary by holding a 10QMeleTOP concert to celebrate the loyal fans who support the program.

The 10QMeleTOP concert was hosted by five emcees namely Nabil Ahmad, Hawa Rizwana, Elly Mazlien, Sherry Al Hadad, and Uyaina Arshad.

Nabil Ahmad and Hawa Rizwana during the live broadcast of the 10QMeletop concert

The concert also featured energetic performances from Khai Bahar, Stacy, Haqiem Rusli, Black, Amir Masdi and Aina Abdul.

The MBSA auditorium became more lively when popular Indonesian singer Cakra Khan appeared on the main stage singing the song Mencari Cinta Sejati.

Opening performance from Khai Bahar and Stacy

Cakra Khan enlivened the MBSA Auditorium by singing the song Mencari Cinta Sejati

MeleTOP also celebrated the loyal audience present at the MBSA Auditorium with a lucky draw as a sign of gratitude for the support given so far.

source – Ashraf Roslan


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