Cases of depression among teenage girls are increasing

Cases of depression among teenage girls are increasing

SYDNEY: The results of a survey revealed the rate of depression among Australian teenage girls at an alarming level after cases more than doubled.

Citing a 9News report, the results of a survey conducted by the Black Dog Institute reported that this figure had continued to increase over a period of 14 years and that the mental health of young men in Australia was also a major concern at the moment.

In addition to looking at the number of cases of depression, the report also conducted a study of the lives of children, teenagers and adults who went through changes in two decades believed to contribute to the risk of depression.

In the meantime, a representative from the Black Dog Institute, Aliza Werner-Seidler informed that problems involving work, finances, cyber bullying and social isolation are among the factors contributing to the increase in cases of depression.

For children, reduced physical activity, lack of sleep and environmental stress at home during the pandemic period also contributed to increased depressive symptoms.

Meanwhile, lack of sleep, loneliness and lack of social network support are highlighted as contributing factors in cases of increased depression among teenagers.

The data also revealed that the use of smartphones during a certain period among teenage girls and depression influence each other, but the relationship is still difficult to explain.

In the meantime, teenagers with significant depressive symptoms show difficulty in carrying out daily activities and are not interested in participating in social and physical activities at school.

source – Faida Rahim

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