Carlsbro Announce New Full Size Mid-Price E-Drum Kit

Carlsbro Announce New Full Size Mid-Price E-Drum Kit

The new Carlsbro CSD25M bolsters the brand’s mid-market offering with a 7-piece full-size e-drum kit boasting a bundle of top-of-the-range features.

With its highly competitive price tag, the CSD25M 7-piece mesh pad kit represents unsurpassed price to performance in this product type. The physical kit features a full size fully adjustable frame, 8” mesh drum pads with low profile rims, crash and ride cymbals with a choking feature and two noise reduced lightweight aluminium pedals. This is partnered with the new Commander 25 sound module, boasting Carlsbro’s easy to use drum kit builder, allowing for 10 user-definable drum kits – with individually adjustable volume, tuning, panning and reverb levels for every voice – and dual headphone sockets – for tuition, learning and sharing. Intuitive rapid function buttons eschew the need for scrolling through multiple system menus, in favour of one-touch operation for start/stop metronome, adjust tempo, start/stop song tracks, add reverb, and onboard record and playback.

A brand-new USB Audio and MIDI interface provides high quality USB digital-audio output for direct to DAW recording, and instant MIDI data transfer in/out via a single USB cable; providing the CSD25M with additional studio and home recording capabilities. The interface connects seamlessly with Melodics™ tutorial software that is currently available FOC with Carlsbro electronic kits to unlock 50 free tuition sessions.

The Commander 25 also supports a series of CSD25M upgradable parts options that includes a hardware bass drum pad and kick pedal, a fourth tom pad, an additional crash cymbal pad, 10” snare pad, second bass drum pad and pedal and an open/close hardware hi-hat stand.

Commander 25 sound module features one-touch rapid function buttons and supports USB audio recording and hardware upgrade options

Commenting on the latest addition to the company’s electronic drum kit range, Studiomaster / Carlsbro General Manager said, “The CSD25M introduces a host of very exciting high-end features at a level of quality not previously available at this price point. So the kit will appeal to a very wide ranging customer base; from beginners – for whom this will be an investment to see them through to attaining higher levels of proficiency – and for intermediary to professional level players looking for the serious full size kit with a mid-market price ticket that offers everything they will need to continue to honing their talent.”

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About Carlsbro

Carlsbro is a legendary British MI brand that pre-dates even Marshall Amplification, for whom it OEM’d several products in the early 1960s. The company built its reputation on a long succession of musical instrument electronics, including famous guitar amplifier lines like the Stingray and Top 50, and introducing some of the earliest affordable PA products. Today the company still offers a wide range of guitar, bass and acoustic instrument amplifiers, but has also established itself as a leading manufacturer of affordable digital performance products and in particular electronic percussion.

The company was amalgamated with Studiomaster – a similarly iconic British audio brand – in 2009, under the common management of SCC Audio Ltd.. Both companies are headquartered together in Milton Keynes in the UK.

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