Can’t sing live? Nabila Razali is upset with Atu’s comment

Can’t sing live? Nabila Razali is upset with Atu’s comment

Nabila was upset with Atu’s comments on The Masked Singer program recently

SINGER and actress, Nabila Razali expressed her displeasure with comedian Atu Zero’s jokes that seemed to satirize her singing ability in a recent television program.

Taking to Instagram, the Heartbreaker songstress said she is always working to improve her singing, and her loyal fans must have noticed a positive change in her singing.

“Every year, I try to improve myself, and the loyal fans know my improvement.

“To all comedians, try to find better material to make jokes. I don’t see the difference between this joke and body shaming ,” wrote Nabila on Insta Story.

Nabila added that she was not angry with Atu, but was disappointed by the comedian’s actions which were clearly insensitive.

Earlier, Atu’s comment on one of The Masked Singer contestants , Si Bulu Tangkis who sang Nabila’s song, got attention.

Atu in his spontaneous comment, denied that the individual behind the costume was Nabila, saying that Nabila cannot sing live well.

Meanwhile, the Mstar portal reported that Atu has apologized for the outspokenness of his words, but at the same time hopes that Nabila will take it as a motivation to continue to improve herself.

“My words are wrong, but from a different angle, consider it a fuel for her to become a better singer,” he said.

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