Can the TikTok trend for mouth taping really help you sleep better?

Can the TikTok trend for mouth taping really help you sleep better?

According to some TikTok users, taping your mouth shut with tape makes sleeping easier… of course, this tip brings its own risks

SOME TikTokers have outlined the benefits of mouth taping technique, which involves taping your mouth shut with adhesive tape before going to bed. According to these users, breathing only through the nose supposedly makes for more restful sleep while limiting snoring. Moreover, some also claim that nasal breathing reduces anxiety, while also making you look more fresh-faced and boosting energy levels.

This tip is inspired by a primary observation, that humans should breathe mainly through the nose. Mouth breathing can lead to infections. Bacteria can get in and cause cavities, for example, infecting the gums. In addition, the tonsils can swell, as they are not equipped to effectively filter the air breathed in through the mouth.

But does that really mean we should be taping our mouths closed at night? Not according to health specialists. This trick can, in fact, cause choking (especially for those who have difficulty breathing through their nose), promote the appearance of sleep apnea, and cause insomnia or other sleep disturbances. Not to mention possible skin irritation issues caused by tape stuck directly on the lips or around the mouth.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with snoring or nighttime breathing, TikToker Dr Doireann O’Leary advises turning to other solutions, such as using nasal spray to unblock the nose, or sleeping on your side. To get back into the habit of good breathing, practicing meditation or yoga can help. However, if problems persist, specialist medical advice should be sought.

source – ETX Daily

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