CAMO Revolutionizes the Collectible Space with First Series of Officially Licensed 3D Art

CAMO Revolutionizes the Collectible Space with First Series of Officially Licensed 3D Art

The Icon Series Merges the Worlds of Music and Art In Pursuit of an Elevated and Unique Experience For Fans, Collectors, and Enthusiasts

Available online and in select retailers

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Born out of an inherent and often overlooked understanding of the emotional connection that bonds fans with their favorite musicians, CAMO is taking a new approach to licensing. With Founder and CEO Brad Beckerman at the helm, CAMO–Culture Art Music Originals–is ready to disrupt the world of licensed products, introducing never-before-seen officially licensed 3D sculptures.

Motivated by creating meaningful pieces that serve a purpose well beyond simply being an object, CAMO toes the line between collectibles and pop art. Careful thought is evident in every aspect of the pieces from the unique 3D composition of the layers to the packaging, which in the case of the Icon Series doubles as a pedestal. The launch of CAMO represents a new kind of collaboration between the brand, the icons, and of course, the fans.

“Music for me has always been about the emotional connection between the artist and the fan – from how a band playing live feeds off the audience to how specific songs bring us back to powerful moments in our own lives. Everything CAMO produces is designed to evoke the bond between the fan and artist through officially licensed collectible art.” – Founder and CEO, Brad Beckerman

Understanding that icons are truly larger than life, two dimensions is simply not enough to capture their glory. From there, the CAMO 3DLA™–3-Dimensional Layered Artform–was born, finely crafted with precision. From concept to production, each sculpture is authorized by the Icon or their estate. Once conceptualized and designed, CAMO engineers individual abstract layers that are hand drawn, laser cut, and assembled in limited quantities, creating what will soon pepper the homes of avid collectors across the world.

As of November 1st, 2022, the Icon Series will be available in a limited edition of 500 each. Featuring AC/DC, Bob Marley, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, and Notorious B.I.G with an MSRP of $495, the entire collection is sure to go quickly, marking the beginning of a new era for fans and collectors.

About Brad Beckerman
Brad Beckerman is Founder and CEO of CAMO and the creator of CAMO 3DLA™, a proprietary, patent-pending 3-Dimensional Layered Artform which is an industry first in the officially licensed collectible art category. A hands-on serial entrepreneur, Beckerman is the creator of successful disruptive lifestyle brands in the sports, music, entertainment, and spirits industries, including TRUNK Ltd., a music-inspired, licensed luxury merchandise company which was fully acquired by Live Nation in 2007, after which he became Chief Creative Officer of the global entertainment company. Beckerman later created STILLHOUSE, a spirits company whose rule-breaking stainless steel packaging was an industry game changer, leading to its acquisition by Bacardi in 2019. Beckerman’s unique vision and business acumen have put him at the forefront of revolution and innovation across industries.

About CAMO
CAMO–which stands for Culture Art Music Originals–is a collaborative brand that crafts officially licensed, limited edition three dimensional layered artworks that reflect both the multifaceted nature of the artists and icons we love, and the unique, highly personal relationship between fans and their fandoms.
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