Busy with GV is not a barrier to Aweera joining the flood relief mission

Busy with GV is not a barrier to Aweera joining the flood relief mission

ALTHOUGH busy with the Gegarvaganza reality show, that was not a barrier for singer Aweera to go down successfully on the flood relief mission.

“Alhamdulillah, even though I am quite busy with Gegar Vaganza, it is not an obstacle for me to help our friends who are affected.

“I and the Jalinan Kasih Project team were informed by the residents that they still have not received enough assistance.

“They still need essential items such as kitchen and utensils for cooking and we will try our best to meet their needs as much as we can afford,” he said.

Aweera on Monday distributed donations to flood victims in Kampung Sri Tanjung, Dengkil together with a group of volunteers from the Jalinan Kasih 6.0 Project.

According to Aweera, they managed to collect more than RM4,000 from the donations of the Aweera fan club, including the public.

Apart from cash, they also received necessities such as telekung, al-Quran and disposable diapers.

“The cash we receive is used to buy food supplies, electrical goods, banta, blankets and other necessities,” he said.

In the meantime, Aweera also thanked all parties involved directly and indirectly in the success of the mission.

“First of all, I would like to thank all the volunteers and contributors who are willing to help the Jalinan Kasih 6.0 Project team in making this post -flood relief mission a success.

“ Special thanks to Puan Yaya and Murni from @myniq.resources for sponsoring the 4×4 for us to bring all the donated items.

” Also thank you to team #projekjalinankasih @aweerians_armyfc for willing to collaborate with me for the X Aweera X Aweera Love Project Post -Flood Relief Mission.

“To the food and beverage sponsors , thank you very much and may your sustenance be abundant,” he said.

In another development, Aweera will be performing in the eighth week, GV8 this Sunday.

GV8 broadcasts live from the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) for 10 weeks every Sunday, at 9.00 pm.

Continue to watch GV8 which is brought again by Farm Fresh as the Main Sponsor, supported by Adabi and CUCKOO Healthy Home as the Co -Sponsor in addition to Digi as the Official Telco.

The GV8 program network will start broadcasting exclusively through Astro Ria (124) and Astro Ria HD (104) channels and can also be accessed through the Gempak portal and Astro Go application for more flexible options.

The suction clips of the vocal training sessions, preparation and trivia of the participants can be viewed through the capsule coverage of ‘Kapsul Gegar Vaganza’ which will be broadcast every Monday to Friday, at 6 pm starting 15 November.

For those who missed to watch, the program ‘Vaganza S8 Shake Capsule Compilation’ will be broadcast specially every Saturday, at 7.00 pm starting November 20, 2021.

For filling on the digital platform, the program ‘Gegar Vaganza Live Plus’ will be broadcast simultaneously at www.gempak.com/gegarvaganza during the weekly concert ‘GV8’ starting November 21, 2021.


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