Buckingham Palace announced the coronation date of King Charles III

Buckingham Palace announced the coronation date of King Charles III

LONDON: King Charles III’s coronation day will be held on May 6, 2023.

Details of the historic date were announced by Buckingham Palace in a statement today.

Celebrations for the coronation will last for three days, starting on Saturday and ending on Monday (8 May 2023) across the country.

The celebration event also includes a lunch ceremony and concert on May 7 (Sunday) and is followed by a public holiday across the country on May 8, 2023.

“The ceremony will be performed with the utmost purity according to religious rites and will be officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby,” the palace said.

He explained that the ceremony will reflect the role of the monarchy and its future vision based on royal traditions that have been practiced for a long time.

Meanwhile, the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Secretary of the United Kingdom, Michelle Donelan welcomed the involvement of the people of the country in enlivening the celebration.

“All are invited to attend this historic day.

“Either by holding a celebration on your own, or watching the coronation ceremony on television,” he said.

He strongly encouraged the involvement of the people to participate in the volunteer initiative ‘The Big Help Out’ to make the historic day a success.

Observers of the royal establishment expect the coronation ceremony of King Charles III to be shorter and different from the coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth II seven decades ago, with some changes to the traditional rituals.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II as ruler of the UK was the first royal ceremony to be televised and lasted three hours.


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