BTS to meet Biden, discuss ‘anti-Asian’ issues

BTS to meet Biden, discuss ‘anti-Asian’ issues

BTS , a Grammy-nominated K-pop group, will attend a session with US President Joe Biden next week.

The issue of ‘inclusiveness and Asian representation’ is expected to be a key topic at the meeting.

The White House in a statement said, among other issues to be discussed are related to hate crimes and discrimination against people of Asian descent.

The group’s visit to the White House scheduled for next Tuesday is a follow -up to Biden’s visit to South Korea last week.

Biden has previously been seen speaking out about his commitment to curbing the rise in anti-Asian criminal cases.

Last year, the President of the Democratic Party signed into law the passage of the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act.

BTS, known as Bangtan Boys, will also be with Biden to discuss the diversity of individuals and the role of K-pop groups as a youth ambassador platform.

The group, which has millions of followers, received its first Grammy nomination last year after the launch of a Dynamite song dedicated to their fans was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

source – AP Newsroom

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