Brian Evans Heads To Latin America Again As “It’s A Beautiful Game” Gains Popularity

Brian Evans Heads To Latin America Again As “It’s A Beautiful Game” Gains Popularity

Brian Evans Heads To Latin America Again As “It’s A Beautiful Game” Gains Popularity As It Plays On Football Stadium Screens

LOS ANGELES , May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brian Evans , the singer known for songs like “At Fenway,” who inducted him into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and was produced by Narada Michael Walden , Whitney Houston ‘s famed producer , Mariah Carey , Elton John and several other artists, will again travel to South America to promote the hit football song that has received over a million views on YouTube, and those views were accumulated prior to the reopening of a single soccer field. football. ESW Management is coordinating distribution and licensing.

The video, shot in Buenos Aires , Argentina , co-stars Lou Diamond Phillips , famous for the movie “La Bamba”, by RJ Mitte, who played Walter Jr. in the series “Breaking Bad” and comedian Carrot Top, and is hosted by legendary musician and actor ICE-T.

Honoring soccer is the only English-language big band song about the sport and has become the “accompanying the ball bouncing” song for non-English speaking fans of the sport. Some stadiums use Spanish and Portuguese subtitles as the video clip is displayed on the screen.

Brian Evans will travel to Mexico, Colombia and Brazil to promote the music video in person. Evans appeared on Bogotá’s “Theatron” in a special performance when he became the first US singer to perform ” New York, New York ” in Colombia.

Argentina already plays their recent hit song “I’m a Traveler” across the country. Evans went to a museum in Argentina to sing ” My Way ” to an admiring audience. “I’m A Traveler” ranked third on the PlayMPE charts last week.

“I’m very excited to perform and routinely travel to these wonderful countries. When I’m there, I work so hard that I hope to see more of the beautiful regions of these wonderful places that I’ve been visiting,” said Evans. The producer who lives in Colombia, Fernando Koral , organized his presentation.

Evans can be followed on Twitter @croon1 and on his newly created Instagram account @thecroonerman

His website is, and his music is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. With a catalog of over 200 songs, his music is routinely licensed for film and television, such as on Netflix’s ” BoJack Horseman ” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” He is also the creator of “Horrorscope.” , a book that was recently adapted into a comic book, and is set to accomplish even more.

SOURCE – ESW Management

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