Brad Pitt is accused of abusing Angelina Jolie and her child on a private plane

Brad Pitt is accused of abusing Angelina Jolie and her child on a private plane

Hollywood’s popular actress, Angelina Jolie filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, for allegedly assaulting her and their children while on a private plane.

According to Jolie, the incident was also one of the reasons she filed for divorce.

In the lawsuit, Jolie claimed, Pitt held her head and assaulted their two children on a trip in 2016, the BBC news portal reported .

Pitt also reportedly verbally abused and poured alcohol on her family on the flight from France to Los Angeles.

However, Pitt denied the allegations.

Sources close to the actor told the BBC that Jolie’s claims were false.

“Jolie keeps rearranging, changing and reimagining the events of six years ago by adding completely false information every time she fails to get what she wants.

“The story is constantly changing and evolving,” the source said.

Jolie’s lawyer claims that, in the 2016 incident, the Fight Club star shouted, accusing Jolie of being “too soft on the kids.”

A short time later, Pitt pulled Jolie into a bathroom at the back of the plane, according to the lawsuit filed by Jolie.

“Pitt grabbed Jolie’s head and shook her and then grabbed her shoulders and shook her again before pushing her against the bathroom wall.

“Pitt then punched the ceiling of the plane multiple times, causing Jolie to exit the bathroom,” according to the court filing.

After one of his children intervened verbally, Pitt ‘lashed out’ at his own son”, the report added.

“Jolie then grabbed him from behind to restrain him,” according to the charge sheet.

The couple’s children then rushed in and tried to protect each other before Pitt choked one of the children and punched another in the face.

Jolie’s lawyer said the actress and her children “sat quietly and quietly under the covers” until the plane landed.

Jolie’s court filings reveal tensions involving the couple over their plans for a winery they previously bought together.

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