“Both legs are infected and the eyes are blinded” – Pak Lan is getting sicker

“Both legs are infected and the eyes are blinded” – Pak Lan is getting sicker

The health condition of veteran actor Roslan Saleh or Pak Lan is getting worse.

The owner of the umrah agency UT Travel & Tours, Ustaz Taufik, who often visits Pak Lan, said that the actor could no longer see since the nerves in his eyes had been turned off by the doctor.

According to Ustaz Taufik who visited him a few days ago, the purpose of the process was to get rid of the pain and dizziness experienced by Pak Lan due to diabetes.

“His condition is getting worse now. The doctor has turned off the optic nerve, so he will not be able to see directly for the rest of his life.

“Before this, his eyes weren’t very bright, he could see but they were blurry. But due to his frequent throbbing pain in his head, the doctor had to turn off the optic nerve.

“The process was done all at once when he underwent surgery on a foot that was already infected with germs. He has not been able to walk for some time now because both his legs are infected with germs.

“Right now, his wife and children are helping to take care of him. Fortunately, his wife is still healthy and can help take care of what is right,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ustaz Taufik also told that Mr. Lan had previously continued to do business on the side of the road even though he was in poor health.

“Before this, he did business even when he was ill. His son who once helped do business on the side of the road. Until now he is still in business but his son manages it.

“If there is a request at the gas station, his son will send it. But if it doesn’t sell, the merchandise will be returned. That is Mr. Lan’s source of income.

“From the beginning, Pak Lan didn’t ask for help, as long as he could do business, he would try to find his own money. It’s just that I myself hope that the public can lend a helping hand considering that the situation is already bad,” he said.

Ustaz Taufik also informed that those who want to help ease the burden can do so by contacting his wife or children.

Earlier, Pak Lan ran a small business selling jerky meat, sambal lado and sambal black bamboo starfish from home during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in 2020.

Pak Lan is no longer active in acting since his health has been deteriorating since 2018.

source – Gempak


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