Boon Leong’s passing is a big loss for the national bodybuilding sport

Boon Leong’s passing is a big loss for the national bodybuilding sport

KUALA LUMPUR: The sports arena of the country was shocked today by the passing of national bodybuilding figure Datuk Dr Gan Boon Leong at the age of 84 early this morning.

He who was born on 25 August 1937, has won the title of Mr Universe, Mr Asia and Mr Malaysia. He also received the Honorary Mr Universe award in 2000, thus being recognized as the ‘Father of Malaysian Bodybuilding’.

His devotional service in the field of national sports is not only as an athlete, but he has been the President of the Malaysian Bodybuilding Federation (PBBM) and the President of the Malaysian Weightlifting Federation (PABM), in addition to his involvement in the political field, including holding the position of Exco of the state government and Chairman of MCA Melaka.

When he became the President of PBBM, he organized various world and international championships, such as the Asian Bodybuilding Championships in 1987, 1993 and 1994, the 1990 Men’s World Championships followed by the 1992 ASEAN Pro Am Classic Championships and the first Commonwealth Bodybuilding when Malaysia hosted the 1998 edition and Mr. Universe in 2000.

National bodybuilding champion Mohd Syarul Azman Mahen Abdullah, when contacted by Bernama, said that the deceased’s passing will surely be missed by bodybuilding fans in the country because there is no substitute for such a charismatic personality.

“As soon as I got the call around 7 this morning, I sat down because of his many services for bodybuilding in Malaysia.

“If the association doesn’t have enough money, he will spend his own money to finance our expenses and this will be remembered forever,” he said who has known Boon Leong for 20 years.

Among those who also shared their sadness at the passing of the deceased was MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong, who described the deceased as a very dedicated and committed person when carrying out a trust for the well-being of the people, especially the Melaka community.

“So many services and sacrifices of the deceased to the community, especially in the state of Melaka, among them is the existence of Jonker Street. Now, it has become a famous tourist area for local tourists as well as foreign tourists, thus providing an economic overflow to the local residents.

“Boon Leong’s passing is a great loss for the community and the country, especially for the MCA party. His contribution and devotion will always be remembered. May his soul rest in peace,” he said in a post on his Facebook today.

Boon Leong is one of the influential figures in Melaka when he served as State Exco for three terms, Chairman of MCA Melaka for 12 years and has served as chairman of various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Now, his son Datuk Gan Tian Loo, 50, continues the legacy of his greatness when he also dabbles and contributes to the party and the community.

Among the sweet successes in Boon Leong’s political career is when he managed to defeat the DAP leader, Lim Kit Siang in 1982 when he won the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) seat in Bandar Hilir Melaka with a large majority and then went on to achieve success by winning the general election five times in a row .

source – BERNAMA

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