Bonny Lauren Releases New Single ‘ENOUGH’

Bonny Lauren Releases New Single ‘ENOUGH’

BERLIN , May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bonny Lauren is an independent singer and songwriter, currently living in Berlin. Her releases already gained more than 20 million streams on Spotify.

She was working on and released a lot of dance-pop collaborations and also writes toplines for a lot of other artists. Bonny Lauren had releases with Universal Music, Mentalo (label of Robin Schulz), Warner Music, Spinnin’ Records and Kontor Records.

Bonny Lauren

“Do we still live in reality, or is this only my fantasy?”

This is the starting line of Bonny Lauren’s new single ‘ENOUGH’, which describes the feeling of being lost within herself after having a relationship with a narcissist.

The song was inspired by the emotional abuse of an ex-boyfriend, whose habits were to make the other person feel small, insecure and weak – in order to push his own ego – often one of the main typical behavioral traits of a narcissist.

Bonny’s experience with a narcissist’s bipolar behavior kept her questioning why she was letting someone else treat her this way and clarified her that she needs to set stronger boundaries.

“I don’t wanna feel this
I don’t wanna need this
ain’t made for the hatin’
Can’t keep it that way and
All we gotta know is
Do we wanna be fixed
Ain’t made for the blaming
It drives me insane”

Caught in an affection for this person, despite their constantly changing behavior, the narrator starts to suffer mentally from the ongoing turmoil.

She had to decide how she will proceed in the best way to protect herself.

“Don’t tell me what I shouldn’t do,
If you don’t give a damn about the rules
Oh oh
I think that we should call it quits,
If you don’t give a shit about risk
Oh oh”
“Fallin’ fallin’ outta of love
Cause we’re sick and tired of
Feeling like we’re not enough”

In the chorus, Bonny speaks out as “WE” for every person, who was ever (emotionally) abused by a narcissist. She points out, that enough is ENOUGH and that you should always put yourself first, no matter how bad you want to keep a relationship.

“Oh no, I’m not ok
So I might just walk away
before you’ll make me stay”

If a relationship or a person makes you feel like losing yourself, it’s time to go and leave the other person behind for good, before their behavior (or mental decline, in case of a narcissist) manipulates you to stay. You always have to put yourself first.

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