BizVibe – Insights in the Trends and Challenges, Business Risk, Geographic Relevance and Category Influence

BizVibe – Insights in the Trends and Challenges, Business Risk, Geographic Relevance and Category Influence

BizVibe’s Stock Music Company Analysis Highlights Key Insights in the Area of Key Industry Trends and Challenges, Risk of Doing Business, Geographic Relevance, and Category Influence.

Snapshot of key trend impacting BizVibe’s stock music industry group. (PRNewsfoto/BizVibe)

Snapshot of key trend impacting BizVibe’s stock music industry group. (PRNewsfoto/BizVibe)

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The latest analysis from BizVibe, a leading company insights platform, provides detailed insights for hundreds of stock music companies and thousands of sound recording companies worldwide. BizVibe’s stock music company insights highlight the influence that the adoption of AI is expected to have in the coming years for market participants.

Industry Trend – The Adoption of AI for Stock Music

AI music is still a relatively young sector of the sound recording industry, but it is seeing increasing adoption as the technology improves and demand for stock music rises. The global stock music industry is valued at well over US$1 billion and will continue to grow over the next several years with continued demand from marketers, internet streamers, app developers, and many more. It can be challenging to create enough music with enough variety to meet the needs of these customers, which is why AI music can be highly beneficial to the stock music industry.

AI music generation is not limited by the availability or speed of a human composer. It can be given various parameters to produce multiple types of music suited to providing an audio backdrop for many products and services. Amazon, for example, has a tool that can be used to turn a melody into a full song, reducing the amount of time and skill required to produce a piece of music. As AI technology becomes more sophisticated and demand for royalty-free music continues to grow, AI stock music will begin to play a greater role in the music industry.

Trend Geographic Relevance – High Relevance in North America

North America is a key consumer of stock music, expected to account for roughly 40% of the market’s growth over the next several years. It’s also one of the fastest-growing markets, with high demand for stock music in the US as well as the presence of many music publishers and streaming services. AI stock music therefore has strong prospects in this region, as well as in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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