Binz releases music video “Don’t Break My Heart”

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — At 8 pm 14th March, Binz will release his MV “Don’t Break My Heart”, marking his official comeback after two years from the superhit “Bigcityboi”.

Binz release music video “Don’t Break My Heart”

Don’t Break My Heart was written in 2020 and produced as the “whole package” music project by Binz and members of SpaceSpeakers – Touliver and Kien Ung. A merchandise collection with 5 items designed by Binz and his team at SpaceSpeakers Group also comes along as a part of this package. As part of the marketing activities, Binz released an NFT collection for his new track “Don’t Break My Heart” on Tuniver – a blockchain platform on the 16th of March. The collection comes in 4 different packages: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze- each of these packages equals to a specific digital copyright fee sharing rate and other ownership benefits. If the collection becomes viral on this NFT marketplace, this could be the start of a music NFT trend for artists in the country.

Touliver and Binz came to a collaboration again after experimenting with different genres. Spending time playing with multiple materials, they decided to stick to synth-pop – an early 80s genre that dominated dance floors back in their golden age and is coming back stronger in the last few years. By combining specific synth and electronic piano sounds in a refined way, Touliver made sure the track’s characteristics are carefully emphasized. Binz, on the other hand, is well-known as a “bad boy” but hiding underneath that image is a nostalgic soul. The collaboration between the two artists is a rare reunion of very distinctive minds and individualities in music. Constantly experimenting different shapes and forms of music instead of following the same old trail is what the two hit-makers have in between. Their vision is to bring Vietnam music closer to the top of the world’s charts.

According to the team at SpaceSpeakers Group, the upcoming MV is heavily invested with time-consuming background setups and decors, reputable cameos and branded outfits. After the Bigcityboi triumph in 2020, Binz has progressed his music making skills onto a different level to slowly become one of the top rappers in Vietnam. The amount of money and time invested in Binz’s music products are what defines and differentiate them compared to other artists’ pieces in the market. ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ is chosen as the first track to introduce the 11 years anniversary album of SpaceSpeakers which is expected to be released in 2022.

With “Don’t Break My Heart”, Binz hopes to dig further into contrasting angles of relationship and the concept of love. Bar drinking and flirting, but “baby don’t break my heart”. The artist’s story behind the song is narrated in “The Story” (a short documentary) where he opened up about his experiences as a man who found peace after wallowing in the conflicts and dramas of his own relationship.

The music video reveals a fictional cyberpunk world. Binz starred as the “love witch” using music to connect hearts and encourage the characters to expose their love. Kien Ung – the MV director continues to prove his talents by creating such an otherworldly world with contradicting images from neon lightings and futuristic machines in contrast with a dirty ghetto where the lower class lay. Kien Ung depicted the beauty of LGBT love and desires through daring yet sophisticated camera shots, giving the music video just enough erotic scenes it needs to be completed. Sharing about his way of constructing the MV, Kien Ung insisted: “When it comes to cyber punk, people often use futuristic ingredients such as UFOs or out-of-this-world objects to feed the audiences. I need to see Binz in that transcendental world, while I simultaneously create just enough space for his retro sound to manifest in that reality. It’s Binz who is going to build his “retro world” in that “outer space” universe.”

The cameo couples in “Don’t Break My Heart” MV are familiar faces who are also celebrities and reputable influencers in the country such as SOOBIN, 16 Typh, Mong Thuong, Linh Chi, Polo Uncle, etc… Each of them represents a distinctive love story with dissimilar gender, age and social class. They couple up to form love adventures that audiences can easily find their stories reflect in them.

A key actor in almost every Binz’s MVs and Don’t Break My Heart is Touliver, who stands behind the machinery system in black shades and clothing, being stern and cold as how he always looks. Replacing the popular Touliver’s shoutout “Touliver on da beat”, Binz made a special verse sliding their convo in the lyrics

“Hey Touliver, I think I’m having another classic. We did it again, bro!”

This phrase sounds like a casual talk between the two guys but it shows their bond in the making of “Don’t Break My Heart” where Touliver is the one and only companion who, together with Binz “the love witch” designs such music that connects desperate hearts.

In an interview sharing the process behind the making of this track, Binz stated: ” Synth-pop is my first music experiment to place in the Vietnam market, however, this is not the first genre other SpaceSpeakers members have been working on for years. We all share a big love for the 80s synth sounds and this is the right time to introduce our audiences to this shade of music. Touliver himself implemented electronic sound while using synths to bring audiences back to the 90s – the time when electronic pop dominated the planet.” Binz and his team are well aware of the risk they are undertaking when placing their current position on the scale with the intention to test a new genre in the market. However, Binz and SpaceSpeakers Group saw this as a worth taking risk considering the ultimate goal of an artist is their triumph in music making instead of following the “money and fame” pattern.

After “Bigcityboi” in 2020, the audiences spent nearly 2 years waiting for Binz comeback with a well-invested music video. With this daring music experiment, will Binz surpass himself on his previous achievements to maintain his position as one of the top rappers in Vietnam?

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SOURCE – SpaceSpeakers Group JSC

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