Big Stage 2022: Having fans from Indonesia, Ajoi Zainal is reluctant to be too sure

Big Stage 2022: Having fans from Indonesia, Ajoi Zainal is reluctant to be too sure

KUALA LUMPUR: His singing on the Tiktok application not only often gets praise from many, but also allows Ajoi Zainal to gather fans from Indonesia.

However, that did not make the Big Stage 2022 participant too comfortable with what he had.

This is because, Ajoi understands on social media especially Tiktok, his algorithm is a little different which makes him successful in having fans from neighboring countries.

Therefore, that is certainly a big challenge for him as the scoring of Big Stage 2022 does not only depend on the scoring of the jury alone to remain in the competition that once produced champions such as Sarah Suhairi, Han Byul and Azzam Sham.

“I can’t be too comfortable and because of that I have to win their (jury’s) hearts not only for week after week, but also day after day to remain relevant,” he said when met after the Big Stage 2022 press conference here, on Wednesday.

At the same time, Ajoi who had participated in the All Together Now Malaysia (ATNM) program will take this opportunity to highlight the other side as a singer.

If on the stage of All Together Now Malaysia, Ajoi only had the opportunity to sing twice, however, on the occasion of the Big Stage, he intends to show his diversity in the field of singing.

“Ajoi will sing various genres during Big Stage 2022, in fact (so far) no one has ever seen Ajoi dance, so that’s also (dancing) that Ajoi will do,” said Ajoi sharing his wishes.

Asked about the competition that will be faced, honestly Ajoi thinks, Aisha Retno is expected to be among the participants who will give great resistance to her throughout the Big Stage 2022 stage later.

Apart from Ajoi and Aisha, among the other participants who also placed in the Big Stage 2022 were Lia Aziz, Yasmin Aziz, Tuah Adzmi, Megat Rahim and the star from Indonesia, Tegar Septian who was once popular with the song Aku Yang Dulu.

Big Stage 2022 offers a cash prize of RM100,000 to the winner while the second and third place winners will win RM50,000 and RM25,000 respectively.

The Astro-produced program will be hosted by lawyer couple Alif Satar and Sherry Al-Hadad. Big Stage 2022 will be broadcast live for eight weeks from the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) every Sunday, at 9pm starting February 6.

-Ashraf Roslan

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