Big Stage 2022: ‘Ajoi Zainal experiences high blood pressure, high heart rate’

Big Stage 2022: ‘Ajoi Zainal experiences high blood pressure, high heart rate’

“The medical team informed that Ajoi Zainal has high blood pressure and heart rate.”

That was the response of Big Stage 2022 Coordinator Producer, Mohd Noor Firdaus Mahadi when asked about the situation of Big Stage participant, Ajoi Zainal.

Ajoi who sang the song “Jangan Khianati Aku” the original song of Azlan & the Typewriter looked unwell after finishing performing that week.

Firdaus also informed that Ajoi Zainal was in good condition in the afternoon before the Big Stage opened.

To ensure the safety of all parties, Ajoi has conducted a self-test of COVID-19 and the result was negative.

Firdaus added, for every participant who is not healthy they will not be allowed to attend the singing competition.
“If they are not healthy, have a fever, sore throat and so on, we will not allow them to attend the stage.

“Even before all the participants and their managers want to go inside (the filming location), they have to do a self -test,” he said at the Big Stage press conference in the fourth week.

At the same time, Sofia Marieylla who was supposed to sing Rahimah Rahim’s original song “Gadis dan Bunga” was excluded from the competition after informing her that she was not healthy to compete that week.

Next week, all the remaining participants will perform songs from renowned singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin.

The program, hosted by Alif Satar and Elly Mazlein, is broadcast live from the Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) for eight weeks every Sunday, at 9pm and is broadcast live on Astro Ria and Astro Ria HD channels.

-Ashraf Roslan

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