Big Stage 2022: Ajai, Siti Nurhaliza tears at the memory of Siti Sarah’s death

Big Stage 2022: Ajai, Siti Nurhaliza tears at the memory of Siti Sarah’s death

ALTHOUGH it has been several months since the late Siti Sarah left us, her presence in the art world is still fresh in my memory.

His real loss is still felt so much that singer and composer Ajai could not hold back tears when he heard Big Stage participant Aisha Retno sing the song “Kesetiaan” which is one of his songs.

According to Ajai who is the permanent jury of Big Stage 2022, Aisha’s performance that night was very good just like the presentation of the late Siti Sarah.

“The song is for a flashback vibe of many things on the deceased and cannot be compared to the singing of the deceased.

“It’s just that we still support the new generation who want to sing the song in their own way.

“Aisha managed to deliver the song as well as the deceased.

“But if we want to talk about the tears, we really can’t control it because we are close and today (Sunday) many are praying for him,” he said during the Big Stage 2022 press conference in the third week.

At the same time, singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin also admitted that she could not hold back her tears while listening to Aisha deliver the song because it reminded her of the deceased.

Especially when he thinks of the excellent personality of the deceased as well as the moments of the deceased being pregnant at the moment of the pandemic makes him even sadder.

“The deceased is a very good person, hard working, humble.

“So when we hear the song (Loyalty) we automatically hear his voice, so we can’t think we’ve heard other people’s voices.

“But in the judging, we understand that we are judging a hugely talented singer who will continue my generation.

“That’s all that made me cry,” said Siti Nurhaliza.

The late Siti Sarah Raissuddin breathed her last on 9 August 2021.

The deceased died of COVID-19 infection.

-Ashraf Roslan

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